End the Supermajority and Ineffective Ideas

The democratic supermajority has pushed through legislation that might have good intentions, but will have poor outcomes for Oregonians. Policies should not be judged on just intentions, but on real world outcomes. We need to restore balance in Salem by ending the Democratic Party supermajority that largely votes along party lines and how Kate Brown and Democratic leadership dictates. We need independent leadership in Salem that will stand up and fight for ALL Oregonians.   


In 2019 alone, the Democratic supermajority passed $3 billion in new taxes, while the state collected more taxes than ever before. We need a tax system that prioritizes government accountability, fiscal responsibility, and keeps more of your family’s money in your wallet. We need a tax system that promotes business growth and stops raising the cost of living to unaffordable levels.

Corporate Activity Tax

Oregonians overwhelmingly voted down measure 97 in 2016 only to have the state legislature pass its near clone, House Bill 3427. The new corporate activity tax will hurt Oregon’s business climate and job growth and take more money out of the wallet of Oregon families. It’s a cascading sales tax that will increase the price of almost everything we buy and make it harder for families to make ends meet.

Cap and Trade/Carbon Tax

Cap and trade is bad for Oregonians. It would cost Oregon families hundreds of dollars a year in added expenses, especially increased fuel expense, and would hurt job growth. All of this while having virtually no impact on global emissions. Cap and trade would put Oregon at more of a severe disadvantage in attracting and growing business.


Your children deserve better. Oregon consistently ranks near the bottom of states in educational metrics. This is unacceptable. We need leaders in Salem that have real solutions and not just good intentions. We need to actually put children first. They’re the future.


Tolling on 205 will push traffic onto side streets that aren’t designated for heavy traffic, creating unsafe roads in our community. Tolling is also another hidden tax.

PERS Reform

Politicians have a vested interest, quite literally, in the current PERS system. We’ve seen taxes increase, while services are being cut. We need a long term sustainable system that is fair for citizens.

Homelessness, Mental Health, and Addiction

We need effective policies that actually address homelessness, mental health, and addiction. Current policies are clearly not working as the rise in addiction and homelessness in Oregon makes national news.

Cost of living

Between rising taxes, housing, transportation, healthcare, education, child care, the cost of regulation and just about everything else, Oregon families are getting squeezed. We need policies that make it affordable to live here. It’s clear that with costs rising all around us, policies pushed through by the Democratic supermajority are not working. You cannot tax your way to prosperity.

Rent Control

Rent control has proven time and time again to backfire and have unintended consequences. It will not solve the current housing crisis. It is just one in another of measures that does not address the core issue this state has in fostering an environment where abundant housing options can exist.